Detox 101

Written by The Detox Girls
Detox 101 with The Detox Girls!
In this week's video we discuss the Detox Pathways, how to begin detox,
how to do it safely, and what the heck is going on in the body! 
Eradicate the BAD viruses, bacteria, plastics, glyphosate, mold, heavy metals out of the body. 
Then, support the immune system systemically, protect the mitochondria, regenerate from the cell out, restore cognitive function and remove brain fog, do it right without mineral gapping. 
Stop wasting time and money looking for individual synthetic supplements in which you have to determine the dosing. Stop using zeolite that has lost its ability to protect the body's regeneration and causes mineral gapping.  The ability to Detoxify and Regenerate the body to have a clean slate is as easy clicking here!
Hear from Scientific Formulator, Dr Christina Rahm, PhD, PsyD, EdD, MS with a brief word about why she created Clean Slate by clicking here
 Clean slate is only available online and requires a REFERRAL CODE.

~The Detox Girls