Our Partners - Dr. Christina Rahm



Dr. Christina Rahm has master’s and doctorate degrees in Rehabilitation Counseling Sciences Psychology, and Strategic Science. She has conducted postdoctoral studies at Harvard University in Bioscience Engineering and Nanobiotechnology and received certificates in Nutrition, and Pharmaceutical Management from Cornell University. She has served in positions like Chief Scientific Officer, Chairman of the Board of Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences, spokesperson and lab formulator for companies such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Jansen, DCZ Healthcare, Biogen, Idec, Alexion, and Root Wellness. Her International Book, “Cure the Causes'' is being translated into 26 languages and she has 12 more books in development. She is the Chairman of the Board for the International Science Nutrition Society which is in 65 countries.

Above all of Dr. Christina’s accomplishments, she is most proud to be Momma to her four kids, as well as a wife, survivor, and our friend. After battling Lyme disease in her twenties, and multiple bouts of cancer to the present day, Dr. Christina has learned to deal with them through the academic, professional, spiritual, emotional, and instinctive discoveries she has made at every stage in her life while working with more than 80 countries. Taking these learnings and perseverance, she has partnered with The Detox Girls as colleagues but most importantly our friend. We are given the commission to heal the nations. 

IMG 20220312 WA0001Dr. Christina’s Native American and eastern European heritage influenced her approach to health and wellness in addition to her multifaceted education from Cornell and Harvard Universities in Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Management, Nutrition, Education and Philosophy, as well as a Master of Science.  She  is a scientific researcher and a principal investigator with IRB’s, BOD’s, and research companies.  She has researched and lectured globally for events and classes at Johns Hopkins Continuing Medical Education, Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, Wake Forest, Mayo Clinic, and Cornell, to name a few.

Dr. Christina has worked as a medical, clinical, and research scientist in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotechnology industries for Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, Biogen Idec/Biogen, UCB, Bristol Meyers Squibb, and Alexion.  Additionally, she worked on the corporate side for Pfizer, Biogen, and Janssen and is currently the Chairman of International Science Nutrition Society and Chief Science Officer for ROOT Wellness.  Dr. Christina has also served as a formulator for several companies and manufacturing labs, including her own.  She has created multiple provisional patents, proprietary formulas, and trade secrets. Through years of laboratory research and ethical observations, she has developed a personalized and predictive consulting company working on everything from the environment to DNA and detox wellness plans in which Dr. Christina helps clients reset their bodies and minds to be spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically balanced.