What if it's not depression?

Written by The Detox Girls

Depression:  Have you ever woken up and thought ‘I’m depressed?’

File Attachment: What if we woke up each morning and changed our way of thinking:
“I wonder what is toxic in my body and what neurotransmitters are lacking that I could support?”

Sometimes it feels like there is no reason to feel depressed or a patient doesn't know why they are depressed, life is going well but there is an unexplainable dark cloud that can loom over one. This type of depression is often the result of an overload of toxins in the body paired with a lack of properly functioning neurotransmitter (serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine) producton and gut.  

Today more than ever just from a 'normal' lifestyle the body can accumulate toxic heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminum, and copper. Seafood and tuna often contain mercury, soda cans carry traces of aluminum and tap water contains a vast amount of toxins, even to some degree viruses.

These metals often settle into the areas of the brain near the thalamus, pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands.

If the body carries an acidic environment combined with a high protein, fat-based diet
the metals start oxidizing, creating a poisonous chemical pool that kills off brain cells and nerves in the head.  (let's clarify, BAD fats such as canola, vegetable, margarine. But, GOOD fats feed the brain-coconut, flax, avocado, grassfed butter)

The metals most commonly associated with depression are lead, mercury, and cadmium. These are commonly found in our environment. We can also trace the origins of these particular toxins to industrial factories, dental amalgam, welding equipment, cigarette smoke, and old galvanized water pipes. These metals tend to generate imbalances between pro-oxidant and anti-oxidant balance, which can lead to inflammation and oxidative stress. These metals have high affinities for thiol group–containing enzymes and proteins, which are responsible for normal cellular metabolism.

A review of the medical literature reveals that exposure to mercury, whether organic or inorganic, can give rise to the symptoms and traits often found in other neurologically related behaviors, such as autism.

Heavy metals and other toxic chemicals can affect inflammatory levels in the brain. In a cyclic fashion, inflammation makes brain cells more vulnerable to a number of toxins. The brain uses an elaborate system to remove glutamate, a neurotransmitter that can be very toxic to brain cells. It has been shown that mercury, aluminum, and other toxins can easily damage reuptake proteins that the brain uses to remove glutamate, rendering the brain cells more easily damaged. Furthermore, excess cytokine production in the area can affect the efficacy of these reuptake proteins, allowing smaller amounts of toxin to have a greater effect.

Heavy metals can cause such a disruption to so many areas of our life. We can help our bodies by using a safe and gentle binder like
File Attachment: Clean Slate to help remove heavy metals and toxins
File Attachment: Add in Restore to support the gut - brain axis.
File Attachment: Add in Zero-in to support cognitive function and boost the natural neurotransmitter production
File Attachment: This trio creates the Trinity Pack and is formulated to work together to support the whole body!
This may seem simple to you, but it is anything BUT simple in its formulation.  Dr. Christina Rahm is the scientific formulator of this Protocol.  Her research and education coupled with personal health journey is why she created this protocol for addressing the whole body, regardless of the diagnosis (which is simply a label for the symptoms) to get to the ROOT cause. 
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~The Detox Girls